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Model: ZP-N95-S, ZP-N95-N

User's manual

Expected usage:


Some respiratory protection may be used non-oily particulate matter, non-oily filtration efficiency of particulate matter is not less than 95%, does not apply to gas and vapor respirators.


Does not apply to the hypoxic environment, underwater operations, and fire escape respiratory protection.


Instructions for use:


· Check before mask / particulate respirator, make sure it is in good condition.


· Check all its components for any damage, including top and bottom of the tape material, metal and nasal mask respirator.


If damaged, do not use


Installation Notes:


Every time wearing a mask / must be observed when particle respirator

1-2. Put the mask/particle mask on your hand, put the nasal mask on your fingertips, and let the headband hang freely under your hand.


3. Pull the bottom strap over your head, then put it under your neck and ears. Pull the strap on top of your head and place it high on the back of your head.


4. Adjust to a comfortable position so that the respirator fits your face. Place the fingertips of your hands on the top of the metal bridge of the nose. With two hands, shape the nose area into the shape of your nose by pushing inwards, and at the same time move your fingertips down on both sides of the bridge of the nose to match the shape of the nose.


5. Check the user seal before each wearing. In order to check the tightness of the mask/particulate respirator and the mask, put your hands on the mask/particulate respirator and inhale quickly. If the mask/particulate respirator is suitable, it will collapse slightly inward. Be careful not to interfere with the position of the respirator. If there is a leak around the nose, readjust the position of the respirator and the shape of the nasal mask until there is no leak. If proper sealing cannot be achieved, do not enter the contaminated area.


Notes and limitations:



1. The mask/particulate respirator does not provide oxygen. Do not use in an environment with an oxygen content of less than 19.5%.


2 Do not change, clean, abuse or abuse the respirator.


3. Do not use with beard or other facial hair or other conditions that hinder a good seal between the face and the sealing surface of the respirator.



Individuals suffering from the following diseases are generally not suitable to use face masks/particulate respirators.


· Moderate or severe lung disease;


·Angina pectoris, obvious arrhythmia, recent myocardial infarction;


· Hypertension and uncontrollable symptoms of hypertension;


· Claustrophobia and anxiety reactions;


·Have a history of spontaneous pneumothorax.


4. Use with caution if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics.


5. The respirator is for one-time use and repeated use is prohibited.


Storage conditions:


1. Storage temperature range: +5°C (+41°F) to -+38°C (+100.4°F).


Storage relative humidity: <80%.


2. Before use, store the original packaging of the respirator in a clean and dry place, away from contaminated areas, dust, sunlight and harmful chemicals.


3. If the face mask/particulate mask is not used immediately, it is recommended to store it in a sealed bag. Avoid deformation of the respirator during storage.


Date of manufacture: shown on the package


Shelf life: 1 year


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