DH-2205 Anti Virus Health Kit
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Product Description

Having supplies on hand during times when bacteria and viruses are spreading is always a good idea. Keeping these items at places you most frequent, such as your home, office, parent’s home and more will give you a higher chance of preventing any illnesses. Having a stockpile of supplies in case of an emergency is always a good idea.


A soft portable PU bag contains main anti virus supplies : 1x 60ml or 100ml 70% alcohol waterproof hand sanitizer, 1x 100ml 70% alcohol spray , 10x 3ply disposable face mask, 10x 75% alcohol wipes, 6x Soap wipe, 10x Povidone-Iodine prep pad, 10x cotton applicators, 1pair of exam gloves, 1x Emergency foil blanket.


The kit is used to prevent the spread of virus particles. All components and each quantity can be adjustable according to your budget.


Delivery date: 10-15 days





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